Dominican Hair Treatment or witch potion ?!



Dominican Hair Treatment or witch potion ?! | domiyork  Roots from the ground, leaves from all different kinds of plants, and extracts from spices: anyone would think its ingredients for a new tea that will keep you healthy forever or a new flavor 'frappe". Although we can't offer internal life or a new popular drink, just yet, these ingredients works it wonders for hair & skin because of all the multivitamins.

Why do these ingredient work

  • Rosemary: Boost hair growth and holts hair loss caused by alopecia, age, bacteria, and/or lack of hair care.It counters hair loss by stimulating blood circulation in the scalp, promote nerve growth and has anti-inflammatory properties

  • Ginger: Full of vitamins and minerals like magnesium and potassium that make your hair strand soft, shiny, and strong. Also ginger, has a lot of fatty acids that prevent thinning hair from turning into hair loss 

  • Letting the treatment ferment will create yeast and carbohydrates because of the lack of oxygen.

  • Carbohydrates are a good source of B complex vitamins that are vital for the hair and help in the growth of body tissue

  • Yeast contains amino and folic acid that will make your hair shine bright.  Contents in yeast also help fight against hair loss. Yeast is also high in vitamin B 

  • Almond, avocado, argan oil: are a great source of Vitamin A, B and E. Also are high omega-3 fatty acids and other rich fats that penetrate to the hair shaft to hydrate and moisturize the hair strands from the roots rather than sit on top of the hair just accumulating unnecessary oils 


 Dominican Hair Treatment or witch potion ?! | domiyork

How to Apply The Dominican (Domiyork)Treatment

We listed just some of the underling ingredients that help Domiyork treatment reach its maximum potential so every hair type can see results after consistently using our product. We pack each batch with the freshest herbs, roots and oils to insure freshness and optimal extraction of vitamins from all the ingredients. This is 100% natural product, completely organic !Dominican Hair Treatment or witch potion ?! | domiyork

  1.  Before washing your hair, untangle your hair and section it off in manageable sections. (it can also be washed but after having the treatment on, you will have to re-wash your hair.)

  2. In every section spray Treatment directly and only to your scalp.

  3. Massage your scalp for 30 seconds or more ! (the longer your massage the more it penetrates 

  4. Comb each section from root to ends to spread the oils from your sculpt to the rest of your hair 

  5. Concentrate the treatment and massage the section that needs the most attention (show your scalp some love)

  6. After spreading treatment to all the sections, massage, massage, massage !

  7. Apply a plastic cap, bag, Heat cap anything that will help bring up the temperature and help the treatment sink into your hair shaft.

  8. Leave Dominican Hair Treatment  treatment on for a minimum of an hour for good result for the BEST results leave the treatment on for a whole day ! 

  9. When washing off; BEFORE applying water. ONLY add Shampoo (sulfate free) to your hair (do not be stingy, cheap, scarce with the shampoo)

  10. Applying a DRY SHAMPOO will help absorb all unwanted oils that are sitting on top of the hair strands. 

  11. Scrub scalp with the ends of your fingers, NOT YOUR NAILS. 

  12. Rinse and let as much moisture drip from your hair before REPEATING another 2 times.

  13. Condition and style as wanted.


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