Just two Dominican sisters living the New York lifestyle. The Gonzalez sisters portrayed different styles; Narelin loved the simplicity of organic hair and skin regimens that was passed down from generations and Stephanie always  loved the intensity of: hair extensions, makeup, and lashes; that "GLAM LOOK". They each helped one another apply what the other was missing, whether that was some TLC or some pizzazz. 
They soon realized, they were the epitome of women. Only trusted close recommendations yet always wanted to venture out. There was a gap in this saturated beauty business, a trust worthy brand that's didn't reel in customers with bogus Ads, bad products and questionably low prices. DomiYork introduces the nourishing Dominican organic regimens of leaves, spices, roots and other multi-vitamin ingredients with the luxurious enhancements of hair extensions, Lashes, and everything GLAM. We will offer a range of variations and prices to cater to everyone. We are Domiyorkers !