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Our hair comes straight from various temples; at the temples barbers tie the hair into ponytails and cut them, as per ancient tradition in India: sacrificing the hair to the Hindu deities is considered to be a sacred act where an individual renounces the beautifying possession to the lord as a sacrifice and this is where single donor hair originates. Each bundle is from ONE person so cuticles and textures aren't mixed.


Whats is RAW HAIR?

Raw hair is unprocessed hair. Chinese hair and different vendors sell hair that is made up of left over hair. The hair is then permed and chemically treated to form the varies textures and claim that is "virgin hair". Raw hair is untouched and completely chemical free. Only washed and steamed to preserve the hair while transportation. These companies sell their customers fake cheap hair that will tangle up with in a few washed. Our hair is best when maintain as if it were you own !

Why are the prices high compared to other hair websites?

A lot of the other hair brands drop ship their hair without knowing the quality straight from the Chinese factories to their customers. These Chinese factories get left over hairs, short hairs and chemically process them and sew it into a weft. Our hair is temple hair cut from donors and made into a bundle. All from the same person no mix hairs so all the cuticles align. Our hair last for years compared to false advertised hair that tangles up and sheds A lot. After 3-4 washes their hair is dull and lifeless. Our hair is RAW, so it last minimum 3 years and the hair lasts as long as you take care of it just like your hair !